cropped-picsart_06-22-07-55-12.jpg 11th Step Prayer/Meditation Practice— Introductory Workshop (click for flyer)

“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood him . . .”  The 11th Step

April 14th, 9:30am – 2:30pm

Hailstones Hall, Room 19
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207

For those participating in a 12 Step Program.  Everyone moves at his or her own pace in Centering Prayer. Just doing the prayer and opening our self to the presence of our Higher Power in silence will encourage you to keep going.

Growth will happen when we practice Centering Prayer in the context of the 12 Steps.

  • Enhances our ability to “Let Go and Let God”

  • Develops in us a nonjudgmental attitude of ourselves and others

  • We grow in self knowledge which at times may be painful

  • Emerging capacity to listen and serve others

  • Nurtures our ability to live in the present moment

Click the following link for a map of Xavier University:

Parking is available in the Smith Hall Parking lot until 3:30 pm.  There is no need for a parking pass.

Click for instructions in PDF file.
  1. Enter on the Dana Avenue side of campus.
  2. Turn right at the stop light for Dana and Francis Xavier Way; onto Francis Xavier Way.
  3. Go Right at the Circle (Smith Hall will be on your right).
  4. Stay right on Francis Xavier Way and Turn Right immediately after Smith Hall into the Smith Hall Parking Lot.

To Hailstones Hall from Smith Hall Parking Lot:

  1. Walk back to the Circle on Francis Xavier Parkway
  2. Take the concrete steps (Look for the red Contemplative Outreach Yard Sign) down toward HailStones Hall (steps are directly across from Smith Hall).
  3. Enter at the Ground Floor of HailStones Hall. There is a concrete ramp that leads directly into the Ground Floor Doors.
  4. Room # 19 is on the Ground Floor.

Recommended Handicap Drop-off; Follow above directions from Dana Avenue, but:

  1. Do not turn into Smith Hall Parking Lot
  2. Continue Francis Xavier Way, follow the curve to the Left,
  3. Turn Left onto Musketeer Drive
  4. Go to the Circle in front of Bellarmine Chapel and exit the car.**
  5. Face Bellarmine Chapel and HailStones Hall is the building on your left.
  6. Follow the sidewalk to the back of the building; you will see a concrete ramp.
  7. Take the ramp; Enter at the Ground Floor of HailStones Hall
  8. Room # 19 is on the Ground Floor.

If you enter HailStones Hall from the front of the building; take the elevator down to the Ground Floor.

**Do not park in the Circle in front of Bellarmine Chapel.  If you need assistance or have questions, please call 859-568-4098.

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